Opening of Medical College and Semester Exam

02 Dec 2020



  1. Representations have been received from students requesting to take online semester examinations. Some of the students and their parents have expressed apprehensions to attend regular classes and appear for Semester Examination (Internal assessment – both Theory and Practical) being conducted at the College. While others have shown apprehension in preparing for Semester Examination in 10 days’ time.
  2. In this connection it is submitted that regular classes have already begun in the College w.e.f  01 Dec 2020 as was intimated vide this office notice no SRIMS&SH/PO/ACAD/2020 dated 26 Nov 2020. The College has adopted all measures necessary to avoid COVID – 19 infections as outlined by regulatory authorities. The hospital area has been segregated and is out of bound to students. Presently no Clinical classes are being held as the first batch of students are undergoing training in Preclinical departments.
  3. Opening of Medical Colleges has been permitted by National Medical Commission, Government of India, Department of Health and Family Welfare and Govt of West Bengal. In this connection Government of West Bengal letter no HF/O/MERT/IIII/ME/MISC-102/2020 refers.
  4. It may also be noted that as per GMER 1997 amendment notification dated 04 Nov 2019, Part II, Chapter VI, Para 11.1.1b there is no provision for conduction of internal assessment examinations online.
  5. The above Examination is scheduled to commence from 12 Dec 2020.


Prof Tapan Kumar Bhattacharyya




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