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Institutional Ethics Committee

Ref No: SRIMS& SH/PO/008/2019 Date: 05.09.2019

Office of the Principal


Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee is hereby constituted as under.

Chairperson : Prof Prabir Sur, Director SRIMS

Members : 

Prof Sudev Mondal – Dept of Pharmacology

Prof Manoj Chaudhury – Dept of Pathology

Prof Ardhendu Sinha Roy – Dept of Medicine 

Prof Tutul Chattopadhyay _ Dept of Community Medicine

Prof Devendra Nath Tiu – Dept of Physiology

Mr Sandip Chatterjee, Secy; NGO, Abhilas,Malandighi Durgapur

MrDebu Sain,  Advocate, Durgapur 

Member Secy  – Prof Booloo Sharma – Dept of Biochemistry

Attention of Committee members are drawn to ICMR guidelines on the subject.


Copy to: Prof Tapan Kumar Bhattacharyya

Prof Prabir Sur – for kind information Principal

Members – for information