Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology has a well equipped academic infrastructure to
advance critical thinking on infections that plague us today among medical undergraduates
who are tomorrow’s warriors against the stubborn microbes . An undergraduate laboratory
shared by Department of Community Medicine aims at sensitizing students to the various
investigative paradigms in current medical microbiology. Equipments such as bio-safety cabinets
laminar airflow systems, incubators , inspissattors , water baths, anaerobic culture systems etc
are made available to aid student education . In the Microbiology museum pictorial flowcharts
and models are displayed to help students grasp easily the concepts related to infections that
commonly affect man.

The Department also provides patient service Laboratory which boasts facilities of aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology, automated blood culture system, automated ID and AST system, mycology,
mycobacteriology, parasitology, virology/immunology/serology and enzyme linked fluorescence assay.
The Central Service Laboratory is also aimed at augmenting the student’s learning experience
with latest techniques in diagnostic microbiology.

The Department of Microbiology is an integral part of the much relevant infection control activities
of the hospital . It works closely with the Central Sterile Services Department to monitor quality of
sterilization and disinfection activities.

The Department encourages research aptitude and medical writing amongst students.
A demonstration room serves the purposes of teaching in smaller batches and conducting student seminars.

The departmental library along with the central library grants access to latest books and journal subscription with the aim of exposing students to research and reporting etiquette.

Quick Contact

  • Address Malandighi, Kanksha, Durgapur-713212, India
  • Phone +917676750000