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College Council

The College Council is responsible for reviewing the college’s mission statement as well as its institutional goals and objectives every three years. Each College Council member will be assigned a subcommittee to assist in the review process. The mission statement subcommittee is charged with reviewing and revising (if necessary) the college’s mission.


Shri Ramakrishna Institute of Medical Science & Hospital is committed to fostering student learning by providing excellence in instructional programs, facilities, and services. The institute seeks to effectively:

      Investigate ways to articulate student success that represent the diverse range of our students’ goals, and retain strong academic integrity and high academic standards.
      Improve student experiences by supporting the quality of instruction and service delivery through
      Creating a framework for faculty and staff to learn, share ideas, engage in dialogue and collaborate
      Promoting efforts to analyse the effectiveness of programs and make improvements based on the results
      Develop and prioritize the implementation of an online learning strategic plan that includes institutional support, protocols, and assessment of instruction
      Develop and implement ways to
      More effectively recruit and select excellent faculty and staff
      Train and mentor new faculty and staff so that they most effectively serve students and promote learning